6 Helpful Tools For Organized Students

Our tops picks for back-to-school

Just as we were starting to feel confident about the school, uncertainty has again introduced itself. In order to face this school year ready for whatever might come, students should set up organizational systems that can provide predictability even if the world around them is anything but. If your budget allows for it, consider investing in one or two additional tools that will feel special for students and encourage good habits. Our director of executive functioning services, Jenna Prada, shares her favorite educational support ideas for the fall below.

The To-doist App

Todoist is the most organized, collaborative and intuitive to do list app around. There’s a version for mac, windows, android, the web and google extension. Students can organize their tasks by project and share them with tutors, group members or family members. Pro-Tip: Make a project that you share across your entire family to keep track of what’s coming up.

Private Prep Planner

Any Private Prep student can have a copy of our recently debuted planner. This is one hundred times more helpful than a homework book because it also gives students space to lay out their time after school so that they can see if their plans are setting them up for success and adjust accordingly.


Everyone should use timers! They help us keep track of where our time goes and build in important brain breaks. While I love aesthetically pleasing options like this hourglass trio, my favorite digital timer is toggl because it allows students to set-up easy recurring projects (think one for each class, one for breaks, another for social media, etc). But if using a phone may be too tempting, this two-pack of classroom timers can go almost anywhere with their stands, magnets, and hooks.

Circle and Square Decor Assignment Checklist

Setting up a helpful physical work space is paramount to success when learning from home.  The acrylic school assignment checklist from Circle and Square Decor is the perfect item to hang next to your child’s desk to help support them in keeping track of daily priorities.

SkyDue Folders

Depending on a student’s organizational style, they might use 1 or several of these to keep papers neatly divided by topic. I love these expandable folders from SkyDue: they’re great colors and feature sturdy construction that can hold a ton without the hassle of binder rings or torn paper folders.

Giant Post-It Notes

I love these 11 by 11 Post-Its as a tool for brainstorming and studying.  The kinesthetic activation of moving these around the wall helps with retention and makes it easy to organize thoughts without lots of arrows and crossing out.  Better yet – the novelty of working movement into school work increases both engagement and motivation.

Looking for more tips on how to transition back to school this fall? Check out our Fall 2021 Resource Center for more information and ideas including free webinars from our team. And for personalized help, contact us for a consultation.

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