2022 Testing Landscape Updates

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Spring 2021 Testing Landscape Updates

As of 5/16/22


The latest: 

      • At this time, the ACT is generally requiring masks for testing. Learn more on the ACT website about what to bring on test day. 
      • The next ACT is on June 11, 2022. Late registration is available until May 20. The following test is on July 16, and regular registration is open until June 17.  Find more information and register here
      • Students may still be experiencing test cancellations. A list of cancelled test centers can be found here
      • Test scores generally begin to be posted 10 days after a test date.  You can find more information about score release here. Scores for the April ACT were posted beginning April 12. 
      • The ACT’s planned launch of single-section retesting will not happen for the 2021-2022 school year (more info here). The ACT has now launched a superscore report that will take the highest score from each section over multiple tests and calculate a “superscore” or new average.The College Board recently announced a digital SAT that will launch in 2023 and 2024. We anticipate that ACT will follow with an announcement about their plan for online testing.
      • Some schools and districts are now offering an online ACT option for school day testing.

What this means for students: 

      • Students testing should plan to practice wearing a mask to simulate the experience. We strongly recommend doing homework and practice tests wearing the mask you plan to wear on test day. 
      • Test sites can fill quickly, so we suggest that students sign up well in advance for the tests dates they plan to take. 
      • There have been issues with students not being informed of a cancelled test center. We recommend calling your test center directly the Friday before your test to confirm that it is going forward. If you find out that it is cancelled, you can try to call the ACT—they may not be able to help, but it’s worth a try! 
      • If you find out in advance that your test center has been cancelled, try logging into your account to see if you can change your location (there may not, however, be available options). You might also be able to call the ACT about a location change. Make sure you are signed up for upcoming tests if possible.  
      • The postponement of single-section retesting simply means that students will need to continue taking full ACTs to improve their scores. While the superscore report is now available, we are monitoring updates from colleges on whether or not they will accept the new superscore report.
      • Students currently preparing for the ACT should continue to prepare for a paper-and-pencil test. If and when an online format is announced, we will share more about what this means for students.
      • Students who will take an online version of the ACT at school can contact their director for more information about online testing and to practice with digital ACT practice tests.


The latest: 

      • Mask policies for the SAT have been in flux this spring. The College Board is generally requiring masks, but some schools can opt out. Find more about health and safety requirements from the College Board here.
      • The next SAT is on June 4. Late registration is available until May 25. This is the final SAT of the 2021-2022 school year: the following test will be on August 27, 2022. Registration for 2022-2023 school year tests will open this summer.
      • You can find score release dates for the SAT here
      • Check for test cancellations for upcoming SATs on the SAT website here. You can also call SAT support at 866-756-7346.
      • Monitor your inbox for emails from the College Board about SAT cancellations. The website is not always completely up-to-date. If you haven’t heard anything from your test center, consider calling to check whether your test is cancelled or still happening. 
      • The optional essay will no longer be offered. You can find more information about that update in our blog post here
      • On January 25, 2022, the College Board announced a digital SAT that will be released beginning in 2023 (international) and 2024 (U.S.). For more information, check out this blog post.

What this means for students: 

        • We suggest doing homework and practice tests wearing the mask you plan to wear on test day. Plan to practice with a mask, as your test center may or may not require one.
        • Students may continue to hear of cancelled tests. If you hear from your test center that it will be cancelled, log in to try to change your test location or sign up for upcoming test dates if you have not already. 
        • Students should monitor their email for information from their school or district about SAT cancellations. They may also consider calling their test center to ask if their SAT is on. 
        • We will share more information about a digital SAT as we learn more from the College Board. According to this article, the digital option will be offered at test centers rather than at home. Check back for more updates!
        • While students currently prepping for the SAT will take the same test form, international students in the Class of 2024 and U.S. students in the Class of 2025 will need to prepare for a digital exam version. Look out for more information about preparing for the digital form in the coming months! 

AP Exams

The latest: 

        • The 2022 AP Exam weeks are now complete. Alternate late testing will take place between May 17-20. The late testing AP exam schedule can be found here.

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