What You Should Know About the December ACT and SAT

How you can be prepared for any changes

Updates for the December ACT and SAT

The December ACT and SAT are coming up on 12/5 and 12/12. Many students in the Class of 2022 plan to take these tests, and for some it will be their first attempt. However, we are in the middle of a pandemic, which means that people are expecting the unexpected in many areas of their lives. What does this mean for students signed up for the December tests?

There is always a chance that tests will be cancelled. Unfortunately, this is our current reality. If you live in an area with rising rates of COVID-19, test centers may decide to close or cut down on the number of students they accept. While we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, we think that students should be aware of all of the possibilities. 

You may need to adjust your test plan.  The good news for the Class of 2022 is that there are many opportunities to test! If your child’s December test gets cancelled, they can look ahead to February for the ACT or March for the SAT. While it may not be what you planned, your student will have many opportunities to test in the spring, summer, and fall of 2021. Students can use the time between to continue studying or take a short winter break. 

You can try to reschedule your test to another location. While we can’t promise anything, you can try to call the ACT or College Board to see if your student can move to another test center. Talk to your director, as they may have recommendations of test centers in the area that have successfully offered tests in recent months. 

Check your email for updates. The ACT and College Board generally keep students informed through email. You may also want to contact the test center directly to see if they can give you information about whether or not the tests will go forward. You can also check the lists of cancelled test centers for the ACT and SAT

We are always here to help. Reach out to your director or contact us with any questions.

Becky McGlensey