How Music Can Help You Study For Exams

Plus two top playlists from our test prep team

How Music Can Help You Study For Exams

Preparing for a big test is about more than just digging into the material and understanding the information. From the time you go to bed the night before until the minute you walk out of the test center, your mindset matters. That’s where music comes in. 

While music isn’t powerful enough to serve as your only studying tool (wouldn’t that be nice?), it’s benefits are numerous, especially when it comes to studying and creating a positive mindset. Not only is music shown to activate the reward centers in our brains, connecting studying with a sense of accomplishment and increasing motivation, according to studies, music can help improve our ability to focus, boost our mood, and more. Classical music in particular can help you interpret and absorb new information and may boost other cognitive abilities like memorization.

Benefits aside, listening to tunes that rev you up or calm you down can be just the ticket to getting ready for an important test or exam. That’s why our Curriculum Team has created the below playlists intended to both pump you up and help you get centered. Pop on one of these playlists to get your mind right on the commute to the ACT or SAT and know your tutor is pulling for you!  

Get Pumped Playlist

Deep Breaths Playlist

Of course, this approach and these tunes may not be for you—and that’s totally okay. Studying methods are often as unique as the individuals using them, so personal tastes come into play, too. If classical music doesn’t work for you, you should feel empowered to try something else. And it should be noted that not everyone benefits from listening to music while studying. Knowing what does and doesn’t work for you is part of developing your own studying tool kit.

Want help identifying personal study strategies? Contact us. We’re here to help you succeed every step of the way. 

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