Launching the 2020-2021 Scholarship Program

Giving Back to the Community With Your Help

Private Prep Scholarship Program

Dear Families, 

We are thrilled to launch our annual Learn to Thrive Scholarship Program for the 2020-2021 season.  

For the past four years, we have been helping high-achieving students from low-income or underserved backgrounds gain admission to best-fit colleges by providing the same one-on-one test prep and college admissions services that you have come to know and trust for your own children. And we couldn’t do this work without you!  

For every referral you make and every 25 hours of tutoring, we donate $25 to our scholarship program. To date, we have had the privilege of supporting 40 students and have committed over $250,000 to this program. 

November is a wonderful time to reflect on the great work that we have been doing but also the work that lies ahead. One of our biggest challenges to date is connecting with qualified candidates in all of our local markets, so we’re asking for your help! Please nominate a student who would qualify for this program or connect us with your local school or community center who would be able to do so.

This is a true team effort and we really appreciate your support. 

Learn more about our scholarship program here or provide an introductory email to a school here

Have a wonderful holiday, 

Stefanie, Director of the Scholarship Program