The Gift You Didn’t Know You Gave

Your Word-of-Mouth Makes a Difference in a Student’s Future.

Imagine if every gift you give this holiday season could replace the recipient’s stress with joy; if each present granted relief from worry and built a foundation for happiness.

What better gift is there to give?

As it turns out, this gift exists, and you’ve been giving it all along. Private Prep’s Scholarship Program was founded three years ago to provide financial relief for families in the college process who are against hard times. The fund itself is built through our Client Loyalty program. Every time you refer a family that becomes a Private Prep client, we donate $25 to the Scholarship Fund and an additional $25 for every 25 hours of tutoring. This is in addition to the credits that Private Prep families receive.

The fund provides students with:

  • Weekly test prep tutoring and access to unlimited practice tests.
  • College essay support
  • A college tuition award of $1,000 per year for up to five years (a total of $5,000)

In the last three years, Private Prep families have contributed over $100,000 to 22 students through our Scholarship Fund at just the right time.

To qualify, applicants must submit essays and recommendations from which we select talented, inspiring students who could use a helping hand. We look for students who display grit, character, intelligence, wit, and the generosity to pay it forward.

The true gift, however, is not a sum of money. The gift is helping parents feel like they can provide the support their child deserves. It is replacing a mountain of stress and a feeling of failure with confidence, calm, and control.

So, thank you, a million times over from our team and all the families you have supported.