Three Essential Back-to-School Solutions For Families

Supplemental support for the 2020-2021 academic year

Three Essential Back-to-School Tools for Families

In years past, the back-to-school season has usually been full of excitement and anticipation. This year, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know there’s a good deal of anxiety mixed in for parents and students alike. As school districts weigh in-person learning against distance learning and hybrid models, many parents are understandably concerned about the educational gaps that may occur along the way. What skills will students miss out on if they aren’t in a classroom full time? What can parents do now to support long term academic growth? 

While there may not be any one-size-fits-all answers, we at Private Prep want to help alleviate some of the burden parents may be feeling in the face of further at-home education. Our team of highly trained and dedicated educators are here to help you navigate the unknown and supplement your child’s education. Whether your child will be learning in person, online, or in some combination of the two this fall, we’ve got you covered with three comprehensive solutions. 

1. Study Pods: You’ve likely heard the term “pod” a lot recently in association with fall academic plans—and for good reason. These innovative education solutions combine the best of both worlds through the collaborative nature of small group learning and the personalized attention of qualified tutors. While not intended as a replacement for existing school curriculum, these groups are aimed at supplementing your child’s academic load with guided support. 

From organizing due dates to homework help, including assistance with specific subjects, our instructors are well equipped to help your child stay on track while providing social engagement. Our Study Pods are offered for all ages, starting with safe, in-person Early Learning Pods for kids ages 3 to 5 up through virtual Study Pods for high school students. Whether your third grader needs some help with math or your high school junior is having trouble juggling deadlines in biology, these groups provide structure, support, accountability, and connectivity for students. 

2. Virtual Private Tutoring: Looking for highly personalized academic support? Our online tutoring lessons are customized for children as early as kindergarten through college and offer a unique opportunity to supplement the classroom in a personalized, private setting where learning moves at the pace of the student. Private Prep tutors provide online and in-person multi-dimensional support, ranging from homework help to test preparation to study habits to test-taking tips. Our tutors are a trusted authority for students, encouraging accountability and using creative ways to deepen understanding of class material, which can have a profound impact on a student’s ability to thrive at school and beyond.

For middle and high school students, our educators are equipped to cover nearly any subject taught in schools including, but not limited to, English, all levels of math, biology, chemistry, physics, history, foreign languages, and more. With flexible lesson lengths, students can get fast help for that tricky homework assignment and review tough subject matter on their schedule. 

For younger students in grades K-5, our elementary services team works closely with families to develop highly individualized lesson plans. Our teaching approach is interactive, multisensory, and creative—incorporating hands-on learning through academic games and activities. Virtual private tutoring subjects include Orton-Gillingham literacy instruction, reading comprehension practice, math review, customized approaches to helping students reach grade level standards, and more.

3. Executive Functioning Skill Development: More so than ever before, our students are being asked to be independent in their learning. As a result of COVID-19 disruptions, this fall, schools may change schedules, learning models may shift, and different teachers may have different systems. These hurdles will require successful students to utilize a multitude of skills such as time management, prioritization, motivation, organization, problem solving, and more. 

It’s not unusual for students to need assistance in developing these skills, and the best time to do that is in the beginning of a new school year. Our EF coaches are perfectly positioned to help students embrace the structure and skills they’ll need to navigate this “new normal” through personalized goal assessment and a Strategy Session. Learn more about how EF skills can support your child’s academic journey here. Curious about back-to-school EF strategies? Be sure to check out our complimentary 30-minute, introductory Executive Functioning Webinar Series beginning this August and featuring topics like setting up a physical workspace, developing time management strategies, and more. 

There’s no doubt that Fall 2020 will be an unusual and unforgettable experience for students, parents, and teachers alike. But rest assured that whatever academic support your child needs, we’ve got you covered. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us.

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