Our Top Three Enriching Group Classes for Kids

Fun electives to entertain, educate, and help kids connect--even from afar

Our Top Three Enriching Group Classes for Kids

There’s no doubt about it: kids need their friends more than ever right now. The disruptions caused by COVID-19 have made spending time with family and friends difficult for many Americans—but especially young people. With school moved entirely online, playdates postponed, and camps all but cancelled, children’s opportunities for social engagement have been drastically reduced. That’s why we’ve developed a specialized series of virtual summer courses, designed for kids entering grades 2-5 to learn and grow, all while staying connected with friends. We’ve highlighted three of our favorites below, but rest assured, whatever your child’s passion may be, our remote learning instructors can help children grow—and connect—this summer.

Research & Record: Get creative with current events

Working individually or in groups, kids will have the chance to discover, research, write, and present on a science or social studies subject that interests them. When their projects are complete, they’ll use the teacher-monitored and password-protected Flipgrid website to record themselves presenting their research report in a fun newscast-style broadcast before sharing their hard work with family and friends.

Virtual Coding Lessons: Grow this summer with STEM

Offered in partnership with The Coding Space, these small groups or private lessons foster intellectual confidence, a growth mindset, and computational thinking skills through coding education and fun STEM activities. Teachers are able to instruct students with a range of abilities, from complete beginners to students already building applications in JavaScript and Python, with a self-paced, project-based curriculum. For even more STEM opportunities, check out Camp Coding Space Online, a weekly virtual summer camp featuring hands-on activities, team challenges, and more. 

Write & Mail: Stay connected with communication

Special delivery: In this course, kids explore the joys of letter writing in multiple formats and for different audiences, including friendly letters, product reviews, and persuasive writing through postcards, snail mail, and emails. Students will also have the opportunity to connect with their friends as penpals, creating ongoing correspondence and lasting friendships. 

While we’ve included just three of our favorites here, we have more options available on our website. Offered in packages of five one-hour sessions at dates and times of your choosing and with groups you select yourself, these classes bring the fun to your kitchen table, den, or deck, all summer long. Reach out for more information here

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