Academic Resources For Families Impacted by COVID-19

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Support You Can Count On

In these uncertain times, our goal is to ensure the best for our Private Prep family by easing some of the stress and anxiety as it relates to your children's academic success.

As we all adjust to a new routine, we’re working hard to provide you and your family with reliable educational resources. From free content, affordable virtual options, and ongoing access to the expertise of our team of academic professionals, we’re here for you. Check back often, as we will be updating this site regularly with new resources and offers.

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Opportunities and Resources

With families educating at home, we're here to provide additional academic support.

Virtual Class is in Session

  • Online Study Groups

    We’re here to help create and support academic engagement, no matter where your child’s classroom may be. To help facilitate collaboration, even from afar, we are offering highly discounted rates on our virtual study groups.

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  • Online Tutoring

    Bring classroom learning to your child, even outside of school. Our online tutoring lessons offer personalized attention from an experienced tutor. For a limited time, we’re offering discounted prices on all online tutoring lessons.

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  • The Coding Space

    Online Coding Classes

    In partnership with The Coding Space, we are offering discounts including up to 25% off virtual group coding classes and individual coding lessons. The Coding Space fosters intellectual confidence, a growth mindset, and computational thinking skills through learning to code. Our teachers can instruct students with a range of abilities: from complete beginners to experts in JavaScript.

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    AP Exam and SAT Subject Test Prep

    With the announcement from the College Board, we are in the perfect position to help students prepare for upcoming AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests in June and beyond, with our Tips, Online Study Groups, and Online Classes. All of our services offer personalized attention from an experienced tutor. 

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  • Parenting Teens During a Pandemic

    It comes down to compromise, cooperation, and compassion

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  • The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Online Resource Guide

    No matter the age, no matter the need, this list has it all

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  • Our Top 10 Tutoring Tips

    Quick tricks from our team to help you home school with the best of them

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  • Dear Parents: You Can Do This

    Take it from a homeschool educator

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  • Standardized Testing Changes for Class of 2021

    Standardized Testing Changes for Class of 2021

    Real-time updates as the landscape changes

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  • Homeschool Scheduling 101

    How to create a plan that fits your family

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  • Creating a Remote Learning Environment

    A guide to supporting your student during the transition to online learning

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  • How to Get the Most Out of Zoom Sessions

    Get ready to learn with video chat

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  • Fun Ideas to Shake Up Your Time at Home

    Fun Ideas to Shake Up Your Time at Home

    So your kids have finished their homework and watched every show on Netflix...

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  • What to Do If Your ACT or SAT Test Has Been Cancelled

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  • How You Can Learn about Colleges from Home

    How You Can Learn About Colleges from Home

    Virtual campus tours, website deep-dives, and more

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  • Introducing Online Elementary Tutoring

    Introducing Online Elementary Tutoring

    Virtual lessons are now available for students PreK-5

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Additional College and Test Prep Resources

  • SAT & SAT Subject Test Website

    Keep up to date on the changes in test dates for the SAT. We highly recommend changing your test date to June if your test was canceled.

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  • ACT Website

    Keep up to date on the changes in test dates for the ACT. We highly recommend changing your test date to June if your test was canceled.

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  • National Association for College Admission Counseling

    The National Association for College Admissions Counseling has worked to create a centralized resource to track important information about colleges and universities, including virtual admissions events and any changes to candidate reply date. This resource may be helpful for both juniors and seniors at this time.

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  • AP Exams

    The College Board announced that this year’s AP Exams will happen but in a different form. Students will take 45-minute free-response-only exams online at home. The content covered will only be what most students have learned through early March. Exams begin on May 11. Find more information and what units will be tested by subject.

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