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Small Group Learning is Now in Session

We’re here to support and supplement academic engagement, no matter where your child’s classroom may be.

Our virtual and in-person Study Pods combine the collaborative nature of small group learning with the guidance of qualified tutors. While not intended as a replacement for existing school curriculum, these groups are aimed at providing connected guidance and supplementing your child’s academic load with personalized support for students engaging in distance learning, hybrid, and modified in-person education models. From assistance with specific subjects like math, English, social studies, and science, to homework help and organizing due dates, our instructors are well equipped to help your child stay on track while providing social engagement in a safe space. 

Benefits include:

  • Students stay connected with their peers and benefit from opportunities to collaborate.
  • Students receive individualized tutoring catered to their needs and education level.
  • Parents receive support from professional educators, alleviating some of the burden of filling in education gaps, homeschooling, or providing hybrid education.
  • With costs split between participating families, personalized learning is more affordable than ever.

Every family receives:

  • An exceptional, highly qualified tutor.
  • A team of caring experts to help guide your child on their path to success.
  • Lesson summaries after each session so you can stay up-to-date with your child’s progress. 

Study Pods are offered for every age and skill level in groups of three to five students. Whether your third grader needs some help with math or your high school junior is having trouble juggling deadlines and coursework rigor, these groups provide structure, support, and accountability for students. Learn more about our specialized offerings for each age group below:

  • Early Learning Pods (ages 3-5)
  • Elementary Pods (K-5th grade)
  • Middle School Study Pods (6-8th grade; regular – honors / advanced classes)
  • High School Study Pods (9-12th grade; regular – honors / advanced / AP classes)
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