Glossary of Terms

A List of Private Prep's Most-Used Terms

A dynamic, creative, proactive individual that will be working with your child.

Director (or market director)
An individual with a deep knowledge of the schools in your particular area, who will pair your child with the right tutor and serve as a resource for the duration of your experience with Private Prep.

Market Partner
The chief market director in a particular area, who manages the caseloads of directors.

Our online portal, through which you and your child can receive communication about sessions, sign up for practice tests, and access materials.

Lesson Summary
A written report that you’ll receive after each session your student has with a Private Prep tutor that will include the content covered, how the tutor felt the session went, and any homework your child needs to complete.

Test Prep
Preparation for any of the many standardized tests your child will take (SAT/ACT, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT, GRE, etc.)

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, one of two primary tests required for admission to most U.S. colleges and universities.

An alternative test to the SAT that colleges and universities accept for admission. Originally an acronym for American College Testing,

A full practice test taken at one of our testing centers at the beginning of the test prep process. We’ll analyze your child’s results and make recommendations on the scope and sequence of tutoring.

Practice Test
A full version of whichever test a student is taking, administered at one of our testing centers. We highly recommend that students take several practice tests throughout their tutoring experience.

Academic Support
Help with homework, tests, midterms, finals, or any sort of subject work to complement a student’s experience in class.

Academic Skills Support
Help with motivation, reflection, organization, and execution. Our Academic Skills Coaches specialize in helping students strengthen their executive functions.

Executive Functions
All of the soft skills that allow students to set and achieve goals, including note-taking, study strategies, physical organization, time management, emotional management, resilience, and problem-solving.

College Admissions Coaching
Comprehensive guidance through the college admissions process, including college list creation, course selection and extracurricular strategy, essay brainstorming and editing, and interview preparation.

Demonstrated Interest
An umbrella term for a student showing interest in a college or university. It can manifest in many ways, from something as small as opening the emails a college sends you, to something as big as visiting campus or, of course, the ultimate demonstration of interest: applying Early Decision. Check out our blog on
Demonstrated Interest.

Private Prep Scholarship Program
Our outreach program, which places high-achieving students from low-income or underserved backgrounds with individual tutors and admissions coaches. Our expert team works with these students to help navigate the test prep and college application process and ultimately gain admission to best-fit colleges. Learn more

Rewards Program
Families accrue points as they invest in tutoring and refer new students. Every time you accrue 100 points, you will be granted a $50 credit towards tutoring and we will donate $25 to our Scholarship Program, which supports our tutors providing academic expertise to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. For more info, read here.