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College Admissions

We believe the college admissions process can be an empowering journey of self-reflection and discovery.

Our college admissions approach is driven by the individual student: we help them identify and get into the schools best suited to their personal goals and ambitions.  Our coaches work collaboratively to stay ahead of trends in the constantly shifting admissions world and to advise families accordingly, helping students identify and successfully apply to best-fit colleges.

Admissions experts partner with families to navigate the competitive landscape and multifaceted admissions process using a thoughtful strategy to promote the student’s strengths and interests. We seek to identify and secure the best possible opportunity for each individual.

Our coaches work with students as early as freshman year to help families stay ahead of the process at every step.

We help students with:

  • College list creation and visit planning
  • Crafting a meaningful personal statement and supplemental essays
  • Understanding the application process, including strategies for Early Decision/Action
  • Navigating standardized test strategy and timeline
  • Interview preparation and full application review
  • Deferral and waitlist strategy
  • Course selection and development of extracurricular life
  • Arts consulting (leveraging artistic talent and/or applying to BFA/MFA programs)

The College Essay Hub

Your complete guide to writing college essays that make admissions officers laugh, cry, gasp — and move your application into the "yes" pile.

We find that many students benefit from extra support in the college essay writing process. We help students who are just starting the process or who may have already begun and are experiencing “writer’s block.” Our admissions coaches and essay specialists can help you construct a personal statement and supplements that get noticed.

Check out our College Essay Hub below — your all-inclusive, step-by-step guide to writing knock-out essays that will have admissions officers dying to meet you. And if you need more personalized support, our college essay coaches are ready to help you level up.

Visit the College Essay Hub

Where Have Our Students Been Accepted?

Our college admissions students are getting great news from their top colleges across the United States. We support students applying to a wide range of colleges and universities, and are proud to celebrate their acceptances! Scroll down to see a selected list of where our students from the last two years have been admitted.

Where Private Prep’s Class of 2023 Students Are Going to College

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The College Admissions Playbook is a monthly newsletter with resources designed to help high schoolers of all ages navigate the college application process, plus breaking news from around the world of higher education. Our experts cut through the noise, the myths, and the "hot takes" to offer accurate, thoughtful guidance on college admissions.

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Crafting Your Application

Free resources to guide you through the college application process.

Haven’t submitted your application yet? Looking for ways to kick it up a notch? Start here.

We update these resources regularly to ensure that you have the best guidance possible. If you’re looking for help in writing your college essays, check out our College Essay Hub.

  • Everything We Learned from 2023 Regular Decisions

    Our experts analyze the trends from this past admissions cycle

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  • What Does “Test Optional” Really Mean?

    The Test Optional Almanac

    Your complete guide to all things test optional, test blind, and test free — including an up-to-date list of colleges with test optional policies

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  • Using the Arts to Amplify Your College Application

    Using the Arts to Amplify Your College Application

    How to leverage your artistic talents on your college apps — no matter your intended major

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  • The Rainbow Road to College: LGBTQ+ College Admissions Hub

    Our complete guide for college-bound LGBTQ+ students

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  • What is Demonstrated Interest?

    Show colleges love, and boost your chances of admission

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  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew When Applying to College

    Practical college application tips from graduating seniors

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After Submitting Your Application

Got those post-submission blues? We've got you covered.

You’ve sent off your college applications. Congratulations!

…So now what? You sit on your hands and stew in anxiety? Thankfully, no. Just because your application is in the hands of admissions officers, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue maximizing your chances of acceptance. Below, we’ve gathered our top resources to help you navigate your college applications journey, post submission.


  • Early Applications Are In: Now What?

    How to make the most of your time (and prepare for regular decisions) after you've applied early

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  • mistake on college applications

    What to do if you Notice a Mistake on Your College Apps

    Don't panic! Pobody's nerfect. Check out these concrete steps to help you assess the situation and (if appropriate!) correct the error.

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  • Senioritis Survival Guide

    How to prioritize the important stuff and prevent your acceptance letters from being rescinded — even if you're burned out!

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  • What to Do If You've Been Deferred, Denied, or Accepted

    What to do if You've Been Deferred, Denied, or Accepted

    Next steps to set you up for success — no matter what decision you're seeing!

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  • What to do if You've Been Waitlisted

    The waitlist can feel like admissions limbo, but you're in luck: check out our top tips for waitlisted students.

    What To Do If You’ve Been Waitlisted
  • What to do After Sending in Your Applications

    First, congratulate yourself! Then, check out our advice on next steps.

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College Visits

How to maximize your college visit experience and find the perfect fit

College visits are a classic rite of passage for college-bound students and their families. Let us help you make them count!

If you want to get a real sense of the schools you’re visiting, you’ll need to go beyond the tour and the standard college sales pitch. Below, we’ll show you how.


  • 5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your College Visits

    Including our favorite advice: make time to eat in the dining hall. Seriously. You'll thank us.

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  • The Best College Visit Questions

    Not sure what to ask on a campus tour? No problem. Check out our sample list of specific, insightful questions.

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  • How to Volunteer Virtually

    How You Can Learn About Colleges from Home

    No time to visit all of the colleges on your list? Here's how to take advantage of colleges' virtual visit opportunities.

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