Fees and Billing

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When will I be billed?

Our billing cycle occurs every other Thursday and only for lessons for which you have received a lesson summary over the previous two weeks. Tutors submit lesson summaries internally after the completion of a tutoring session. Directors review and approve lesson summaries, at which point, the lesson will be processed through billing.

Are there additional charges for test prep?

Before test prep tutoring starts, we mail you test prep materials. Our curriculum fee for these materials (and any additional materials your child will need to prepare for a standardized test) are charged during the billing cycle immediately following shipping. You will also see charges for practice tests included in your invoice.

What if I need to cancel a session?

Please be sure to cancel a session more than 24 hours before the scheduled start time. If you cancel within 24 hours of the session, our policy is to charge the full fee for that tutoring session. If you miss several sessions in a row, your director will reach out to verify that you want to hold the time slot moving forward or adjust your family’s schedule.

Will I receive a receipt for payment?

You will receive TWO billing-related emails—one that includes the invoice link and one to confirm that your payment has been processed. Please note there might be a difference between the invoice amount and the payment processed amount. That difference occurs when a credit is applied to the invoice first and then the balance is processed by credit card. If there is a problem processing your credit card, we will notify you directly.

What are rewards points?

We greatly value your loyalty and support and therefore seek to express our appreciation through Private Prep*Star Rewards. Reward points are granted for each completed tutoring session and for any referrals of new Private Prep families. As you accrue points, you will receive credits periodically that are automatically added to your account and never expire.

How are credits issued?

Over time, clients receive credits for rewards points, seasonal promotions, and other circumstances. Please note, credits will NOT explicitly be shown on invoices. Rather, your “receipt” email with the amount charged to your credit card will show the actual reduced amount you were charged: your last invoice minus the credit that has been issued.

Who do I contact if there is a problem or if I have a complaint?

Your main point of contact for all Private Prep matters is your director. In addition, our HQ team is working around the clock to support you and your family behind the scenes.

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