Executive Functioning

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Executive Functioning

We assess strengths and weaknesses and tailor plans for students who need support with academic transitions, college transitions, executive functioning, and academic skills coaching.

Our academic and executive skills coaches get to know students, propose a tailored plan to their needs and work with them one-on-one until their established goals are met. Some of the key skills students learn include:

  • Organizational systems and time management
  • Metacognition, working memory, and mental flexibility
  • Study strategies, problem-solving and note-taking
  • Goal-directed, persistence, sustained attention, and task initiation
  • Response inhibition and emotional control

Academic Transitions

When students make a transition, whether changing grades, changing towns or simply taking on a new extra-curricular activity, it’s common for them to experience bumps in the road as demands on their attention and time shift. We’ll help them learn key skills to face challenges with tools like time management, mental flexibility, emotional control, and organization.

College Transitions

Even students who excelled in high school may struggle to keep up with the rigor of college coursework and independent learning. We provide action plans for students to support them with the most common challenges, including managing heavy course loads, living independently, and balancing their time.

Executive Functioning

Some students who understand course content still don’t see the success they would like.  Succeeding in education happens after mastering abilities beyond subject matter like organization, time management, and study skills. By working with students on these fundamentals, we help them reach their potential in school and set them up for success in academic, entrepreneurial, or personal pursuits.

Academic Coaching

Sometimes a student needs extra support from a trusted source to make sure they can effectively manage weekly assignments, extra-curriculars, and larger projects. Your child’s academic coach or tutor can give them that organizational boost by setting aside time to focus on the big picture in addition to working on specific subject matter.

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