What Makes Us Different

A Culture Of Caring

Our job is to facilitate academic achievement while caring for and supporting each student.

We believe personal attention is fundamental to this process and, therefore, lies at the forefront of every student-tutor relationship. Designing curriculum for each student’s unique learning style, our academic coaches focus not only on improving grades and increasing test scores but also on building confidence and developing valuable skills that will last a lifetime.

What truly separates us from the pack is not only how much we care about our students but also how much we invest in our tutors and employees. Through professional development events, support from our Curriculum Team, and a peer-mentorship program, we ensure that our tutors are prepared to handle any challenges that come their way.

In supporting our families and our workforce in their pursuits to thrive, we aim to create and maintain an environment that is diverse, culturally competent, and inclusive. To achieve this, we promote honor and respect for all backgrounds, by empowering each individual to give voice to their experiences as they see fit. We provide structures to support our staff equitably, with an ultimate goal of sustaining a high-quality workforce that is in true partnership with our clients and each other.

What Makes Us Different

  • Personal Match

    We invest time and ask the right questions to find a tutor whose approach aligns with your student’s personality, learning style, and scheduling needs.

  • Exceptional Talent

    A rigorous hiring process, extensive training plan, and ongoing development ensure we bring only the most proficient, attentive, and committed educators to each student.

  • College Prep: Six Tips Before They Go

    Team Approach

    A team of experts work together and share in the responsibility of helping your family achieve excellent results.

  • Proactive Communication

    We anticipate the needs and questions of families and students throughout the academic journey.

  • Customized Tools

    Our curriculum uses the latest in education research to meet each student’s learning style and individual academic needs, plus our custom online portal makes frequent and consistent communication easy.