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Subject Tutoring

We use fresh and creative ways to deepen understanding of class material, which can have a profound impact on a student’s ability to thrive at school and beyond.

Subject tutoring is a unique opportunity to supplement the classroom in a personalized, private setting where learning moves at the pace of the student.

Private Prep tutors provide online and in-person multi-dimensional support, ranging from homework help to test preparation to study habits to test-taking tips. Subject tutoring is a valuable supplement to any phase of a student’s education from as early as kindergarten through college.

High School

While high school usually means four years of one subject study underneath various teachers, it also means the subject matter becomes more complex and the stakes become higher as grades can impact your acceptance into college. Our subject experts help students take control of their academic narrative by providing one-on-one support and strategies that fit students’ learning styles.

Middle School

For most students, middle school is a challenging time of transitions. However, it’s a critical time to build strong foundational skills in mathematics and language. Our tutoring support resonates beyond the grades; it provides support and guidance in identity formation.


Elementary school is the best time to develop a love of learning and to solidify academic building blocks through the natural curiosity of young children. Our tutors help establish critical basic reading, writing and math skills, with approaches designed to set students up for success at an early age.

Subjects offered:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Language
  • Social Sciences
  • English Language Arts
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