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Our Scholarship Program

The Private Prep “Learn to Thrive” Scholarship Program was created to support and empower students from backgrounds that have been traditionally underrepresented in higher education. The scholarship program’s goal is to combat the systemic inequities, particularly race-based inequities, of the American education institution by helping our students develop and employ skills that will allow them to create greater opportunities for their futures. While guiding our students through the standardized test prep and/or college application processes, we seek to provide them with counseling, resources, and experiential knowledge that will equip them to make informed and empowered decisions along their paths to higher education and beyond.

The Private Prep “Learn to Thrive” Scholarship Program Core Values

1. We are committed to creating a more just and equitable society.
2. We believe that education is power.
3. We are dedicated to creating space and opportunities for students to self-reflect and self-actualize.

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Now Accepting Applications for the Class of 2026

Final Class of 2026 Application Deadline is 10/1/2024

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What our program offers

Our program is modular, designed to allow flexibility in supporting students in the best way based on their needs and context.

  • High School Study Pods (9-12th grade)

    Test Prep

    Test Prep with Private Prep includes diagnostic tests and analysis to determine whether a student should pursue testing and whether the SAT or ACT would be a better fit, personalized online tutoring sessions for 4-6 months to prepare for up to two real administrations of the exam, and materials for independent work assignments in between sessions.

  • Comprehensive College Admissions

    Comprehensive and personalized 1:1 guidance and mentoring through the full college application process, including building a college list that fits a student’s goals and preferences, discussion of different admissions strategies, managing the application timeline, filling out applications, and support with brainstorming, editing, and refining all application essays, for up to twelve colleges and universities, in addition to college scholarship applications and fly-in programs if appropriate.

  • Executive Functioning (EF) FAQ

    College Essay Support

    Support with brainstorming, editing, and refining all application essays, including college scholarship applications and fly-in programs if appropriate.

Who’s eligible to apply?

This program is designed to support students who are/have:

  • Eligible for free or reduced lunch or 90%+ scholarship at an independent school
  • Unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above in a rigorous course load within their school context (AP, Honors, IB)
  • Possesses a strong desire to attend a four-year college or university
  • Demonstrated extracurricular interests, commitment to community, and/or significant family responsibilities
  • Preference will be given to students from historically underrepresented communities and to 1st generation college-bound students
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Private Prep has been an incredible resource, partner, and support system for many of our students here at White Plains High School. For our exceptional students who have earned the Private Prep scholarship, Private Prep has stepped in to provide private SAT/ACT tutoring and supplemental college advising that they otherwise would not have had access to. We have clear examples of students who have been accepted to selective colleges, meeting their full financial need as a direct result of the support Private Prep and their team of tutors have provided. In addition, all the folks that I have worked with over the years have been spectacular. They have always put the student and their needs first. We are forever grateful for their support. Jeff Hirsch, School Counselor, White Plains High School
one2one USA has partnered with Private Prep since 2021 to bring our Donor's vision of offering college counseling and test prep to underserved communities in the Peekskill and Ossining areas. With the superb guidance of Private Prep's tutors and counselors, we have been able to help nine students maximize their potential and attend their dream colleges. one2one USA Foundation
Private Prep Scholarship Program

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Private Prep has helped me so much through it all. - Priya, Scholarship Recipient