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Helping students thrive runs deep around here.

Growing up as the son of a tutor, Steve Feldman has many fond memories of working with his mother’s clients when she found herself overbooked. So after graduating from college and moving to the Big Apple to pursue a career in finance, it didn’t take long for him to be drawn back to his true calling – tutoring.

Parents, like you, gravitated toward Steve’s approach.

At first tutoring was a part-time gig, but as the impact Steve had within the community grew, so did his desire to help more students. He began the transition into pursuing this greater goal by hiring a handful of talented tutors to help work with the influx of clients. He knew he was onto something big, and brought on board long-time college friend and passionate entrepreneur, Scott Levenson, to help build a first-rate organization.

It’s always been about more than academics.

Upon arrival, Scott’s first question to Steve was, “What makes you such an effective tutor?” He started asking his students and one answer kept coming back over and over again…

Unlike so many other tutors that churned through the material, Steve not only provided great academic support – his unwavering enthusiasm and personal interest in their success motivated his students to want to go further…and to take pride in their accomplishments.

Steve’s unique approach has gone on to help thousands of students

Private Prep nurtures Steve’s original approach in every new hire by methodically recruiting and rewarding a team of educators who share that same sense of positivity and pride they hold for the profession. Private Prep is a place where tutors and staff are inspired by growth and a never-ending quest for ways to improve the ever-changing educational landscape. It’s where parents, students and tutors: Learn to Thrive.

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    Excellence is built through habits and through culture, and Private Prep is no different. Every tutor, coach, and director is carefully selected through an extensive vetting process.

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    We believe personal attention is fundamental to academic achievement and lies at the forefront of every student-tutor relationship.

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    We believe hard-working students – no matter their financial status – deserve support to maximize their potential and achieve their educational goals.

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    Private Prep is committed to creating a collaborative work environment that supports team members in taking ownership over their responsibilities.

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    From tutoring to test prep, we provide the services needed most by students from kindergarten through college.

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