What is the SAT?

The SAT has undergone significant changes in recent years, but one thing remains the same: it still serves as a benchmark for admission and scholarship eligibility for colleges and universities. The test contains four sections with 176 questions, plus an optional essay. The total score (out of 1600) is a combination of two subscores: math and evidence-based reading and writing. The standard allowed test time is three hours and 50 minutes, including the optional essay.

When Should I Take The SAT?

The SAT is administered seven times per year in the United States. Although you may take the SAT any time starting freshman year, most students take it for the first time in the winter or spring of their junior year and possibly retake it in the fall of their senior year.

Private Prep’s Approach to the SAT

Applying to college is daunting for students, particularly when it comes to preparing for the SAT. Our rigorously screened and highly-trained tutors are here to help.

We’ve spent countless hours analyzing recent test trends—as well as data from current and past students—and have developed an approach to the SAT that works. We’ve also pioneered a thorough diagnostic process to help you determine if the SAT is indeed the right fit for you (rather than the ACT).

Our tutors use our well-researched curriculum in combination with cutting-edge Performance Prep techniques (which address mindfulness, motivation, and stress management) to tailor an approach to each individual student.

Is sophomore year drawing to a close, or has the crush of junior year already begun? It’s time to start thinking about test prep.

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