Student Questions

Student Questions Answered

How often will I meet with my tutor?

It depends. If you’re meeting with your tutor to prepare all sections of a standardized test (like the SAT or ACT), you’ll likely meet once a week for 90 minutes. If you have separate tutors for the Verbal and Math/Science sections of the test, you will likely meet twice a week for 60 minutes. For academic support, your tutor will work with you and your family to determine a schedule that makes sense. In all cases, Private Prep tutors will tailor the schedule and frequency of your meetings to your individual needs.

Where will I meet with my tutor?

In most cases, our tutors will come to your home to work with you. Our tutors are also available to work with you at one of our offices. Our tutors are also able to meet at a mutually agreed upon spot (such as a library or quiet coffee shop) or online via video conference and a shared screen.

What will I need to have with me at my tutoring session?

A pencil and/or pen, a notebook, a calculator (if you’re working on math or science), and any books related to the material you’ll be working on. Your tutor will communicate with you to make it clear what you will and won’t need at any given session.

Will I need to do extra work outside the time I spend with my tutor?

Your time spent with your tutor will be rich and productive, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your personal education. In most cases, you’ll need to complete homework in between each session that reinforces the work you’ve done with your tutor. Don’t worry, your tutor will always be crystal clear about your assignments. They will likely convey this information verbally in session, but you’ll also get a clear write-up of your homework assignments in your lesson summary.

How much homework will I be assigned?

It depends entirely on your particular situation. If you’re meeting with your tutor for test prep, you’ll likely have somewhere in between 2 and 4 hours of homework a week. If you’re meeting for academic support, it’s possible that your tutor won’t assign you any homework beyond what you’re already doing for class. Again, your tutor will always be clear about the work they expect you to complete.

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