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Your Virtual Class is in Session

We’re here to help create and support academic engagement, no matter where your child’s classroom may be. To help facilitate collaboration, even from afar, we are offering highly discounted rates on our virtual study groups. 

Our online study groups offer a supportive and collaborative forum for students under the guidance and facilitation of our expert tutors. Limiting these groups to 3-5 students means your child will receive highly personalized attention while still feeling connected with other students. Our tutors are equipped to cover nearly any subject taught in middle and high schools including, but not limited to, English, all levels of Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, foreign languages, and more.

For a limited time, the cost for these groups is only $180 per hour split evenly between all participating students, so grab your classmates and let the virtual learning begin.

Benefits include:

  • Students stay connected with their classmates and benefit from opportunities to collaborate.
  • Students receive individualized tutoring catered to their needs and education level.
  • With costs split between participating students, personalized learning is more affordable than ever.
  • Lessons can be recorded and accessed again later as needed, making studying easy. 
  • Screen sharing and digital whiteboards help keep students and their tutor on the same page—literally.
  • With lessons offered through Zoom Pro, one of the leading video communication platforms, students will have technology and extra features at their fingertips.

Every family receives:

  • An exceptional, highly trained tutor.
  • A team of caring experts responsible for your child’s success.
  • Access to recorded lessons.
  • Online lesson summaries so you can stay up-to-date with your child’s progress. 
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