Teacher Training

Join us for accelerated training to learn the ins and outs of test prep. Taught remotely by Private Prep’s test prep and curriculum team, your teachers will learn everything they need to know about current test prep trends, proven teaching XX, and will leave training with the ability to develop programs that are best suited to their students in their particular schools. Participants will also receive continued support in developing a course that fits their students’ needs.


Assessment: This process is required prior to starting the training process and helps us identify the teacher’s strengths and weaknesses as regards content knowledge.  

Content Recommendations: TAs will recommend specific resources to review gaps in content knowledge.  If a teacher has significant gaps, the training process will need to be postponed until some of those are filled in.

Access to Coassemble: Teachers in training will have access to our full library of test prep training courses for a period of 6 months.  

One-on-One Training with TAs: Up to 8 hours of one on one training via Zoom or phone.

Access to the Curriculum Team for Questions and Support: Once training is complete, teachers will be able to contact the Curriculum Team for one month to ask questions and get support with course planning. 

Materials: A teacher set of materials and one class set of 25 books is included in the cost of training. Schools can purchase additional sets of books for students at cost.

Timing: This program is available from November through February each school year. 

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