Students May Benefit from Executive Functioning (EF) Coaching If…

You Child Might Benefit From Academic Skills If...

Your child is on to the next grade and we want to make sure that they are set up for success from the start. When students make a transition, whether academic (such as changing grades) or personal life (such as a move or divorce), it’s common for them to experience bumps in the road. For many students, they have the academic ability to thrive in school, but struggle with the increasing demands on their executive functioning skills. It’s one reason we believe so strongly in the power of EF coaching, which helps students build the foundation they need to be successful in times of transition and beyond.

Your child may benefit from EF coaching if they:

Struggle with time management

  • Wait until the last minute to finish projects or assignments
  • Have difficulty accurately estimating how long a task will take
  • Miss deadlines or consistently run 5-10 minutes late

Could accurately be described as “scatterbrained”

  • Misplace physical items such as keys, assignment sheets, or their phone
  • Inadvertently skip portions of assignments
  • Can only remember portions of instructions
  • Feel unhappy about their messy workspace

Struggle with execution, despite internal motivation

  • Are easily overwhelmed by long-term projects and don’t know where to start
  • Forget assignments they intended to complete
  • Have good ideas, but struggle to put them on paper
  • Often feel frustrated by careless mistakes they make on important tests

Give into emotions and frustration

  • Get stuck solving a problem when their first attempt doesn’t work
  • Overreact to small problems
  • Underestimate their abilities (both academic & non-academic)

Need help finding or channeling motivation

  • Interrupt often and/or are easily distracted
  • Constantly watch the clock to see when they can start something new
  • Need prompting to get started on tasks
  • Don’t have study strategies

Our executive functioning program is an ideal support for students who are transitioning between elementary, middle, and high school, as well as students who start new and time-consuming activities or are moving on to college. However, these challenges can be present at any point along a student’s academic journey. If any of the above behaviors match your child’s, EF coaching can provide the direction, skills, and foundation your student needs to be successful academically. Contact us to learn more.