How Technology Helps Make Online Tutoring an Exciting Option

For a long time, online tutoring simply served as a stand-in for in-person instruction. But as we’ve worked online with more and more families and continued to innovate the methods in which we deliver services, we’ve found that technology can help us turn online tutoring into a service that stands on its own merits, delivering education in exciting new ways. Here are some of the aspects of online tutoring that could make it an exciting option for you.

On-Demand. Need an answer to a pressing question or last minute help for a looming test? It’s much easier to hop on a video call with one of our online tutors than to wait for a weekly session that might be days away.

Flexibility. Additionally, online tutoring allows for flexibility in session length. It wouldn’t make any sense for a tutor to come to your house or for you to travel to one of our offices—no matter how short the trip—if you only need 15 minutes of help. But with online tutoring, no session length is too short.

More Tools. Innovations in video communication technology have helped make online tutoring more efficient and adaptable. Digital whiteboards, screen sharing, and the ability to instantaneously send files back and forth give online tutors a great arsenal of tools with which to supplement one-on-one education.

The added benefit of meeting face to face with a passionate, dynamic educator is undeniable. But leaps in technology have allowed us to turn online tutoring into an asset, not just a replacement that pales in comparison to in-home tutoring. If you think online tutoring might be an exciting option for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.