Private Prep’s Online ACT Platform

Prepare for the upcoming digital ACT with our seamless online practice testing technology

The ACT will pilot a digital test format in December 2023; combined with the impending digital SAT, this means that we are approaching a future in which the majority of college-bound high schoolers will take their college admissions tests online.

Thankfully, our experts at Private Prep have been preparing for this moment for years! With remote learning growing in popularity, students today have gotten used to learning online. And today’s teenagers are digital natives—they are just as comfortable on the computer as anywhere else. In other words, a shift to digital testing was always basically inevitable. To get ahead of this trend, Private Prep’s tech and curriculum teams partnered to create an ACT Online platform for students.

Perks of the Platform

  • Easy-to-use interface: ACT strategies lend themselves naturally to the tools available in the online ACT platform. Students can highlight, eliminate answer choices, check their timer, and more with the click of a mouse.
  • Instant data: Sections can be scored immediately after they are taken. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of getting through a tough section and then seeing an excellent score pop up!
  • Tutor feedback: Tutors can’t typically observe their students’ homework in the way they can observe their work in a lesson. With the ACT Online platform, tutors can see a student’s results and use that information to tailor their next lesson.

While we don’t recommend that students sign up for the ACT’s digital pilot in December 2023 (as tech issues are likely), Private Prep’s ACT Online platform is available now for ACT students to launch their digital test prep journeys. Learn more about the upcoming changes to the ACT here, and reach out to your director to get more information.