You Sent in Your Applications. Now what?

Our recommendations while you wait to hear back.

At this point, you have likely sent off the rest of your college applications. Congratulations!

So now you just wait, right? Well, kind of.

  1. Congratulate yourself! Sending a college application is a big deal, and you should be proud of yourself for the work you did to get this far. Give yourself a big pat on the back and a break from college stuff for at least a few days.
  2. Check your email. A lot. This is how colleges will communicate with you to give you instructions to create your online account with them, and also where they’ll let you know if anything is missing, or, in some cases, reach out about scheduling an alumni interview. We know that you get a million emails from colleges, but now is the time to really read them!
  3. Keep your grades up. We know; this the last thing any senior approaching senior spring wants to hear. But in this pandemic year, we are expecting a lot of schools to lean heavily on their waitlists to manage their yields — and if you are waitlisted, your 3rd quarter grades (and even final grades!) can become fair game for admissions officers to review. So keep up the good work!
  4. Breathe. The next few weeks can be hard — for a lot of students, the waiting can feel like the worst part! It’s okay to feel stressed. Lean on your parents, friends, teachers, and favorite de-stressing tactics. You will make it through this!

Feel free to contact our College Admissions team if you have questions or need support.