Why an AP Diagnostic Is Important

How to get the most out of the preparation process

Why Diagnostics? 

Diagnostic tests are a core part of testing. They give educators and students a snapshot of their current knowledge and help project the process ahead. When a student takes a diagnostic, they can see what they already know and what they need to work on most. The data a diagnostic gives tutors is invaluable to make sure a student is as ready as possible for the big assessment ahead. 

This Spring 2024, Private Prep will offer AP diagnostic assessments in the following subjects:

    • AP Biology
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Calculus BC
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP European History
    • AP Physics 1
    • AP US History
    • AP World History

How Diagnostics Help the Process

By the spring of each school year, students are starting to feel the pressure of AP exams looming in May. Some students have a great teacher and are feeling confident with the material; others are worried that they haven’t learned what they need. But all of those students will take the same exam! 

An AP diagnostic is an opportunity to see what areas a student is strong in and where they will need extra practice. Because students will take a multiple choice and a free-response section, they will get information on what units and content need work, as well as whether they need to focus more on information tested on the multiple choice section or the skills needed for a successful free-response. This data gives students and tutors a clear picture of what the student needs most and can help to create a study timeline. 

Diagnostics are a highly recommended start to AP exam prep. Reach out to your director or contact us to get scheduled for an AP diagnostic for the subjects listed above.

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