How to Volunteer Virtually

Give back without going out

How to Volunteer Virtually

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a rough year. In many ways and in many cities, people are struggling. Though the season of giving looks a little bit different this year, the good news is that there are still many ways to help others, give back, and offer a little joy—even from afar. Virtual volunteering means opportunities across the country or across the globe are more accessible than ever. Whatever your passions may be or your schedule may allow, there’s a way to help out. We’ve got ways to contribute to the greater good—from the comfort of your couch—right here.

For students:

  • Zooniverse is a great way to get kids involved in virtual volunteering. People of all ages are invited to contribute to real scientific research and discoveries. From counting penguins in the Arctic to help conservation efforts to using your detective skills to find plant species hidden in 16th-century documents, there’s something for everyone.
  • Do Something is the largest nonprofit organization for teens and social change. Their campaigns include everything from fighting climate change, to helping other students destress before big events, to working to dismantle systemic racism. Kids can find a project they’re passionate about—or start their own!
  • 7 Cups is an online community for emotional peer-support. Anyone can request a listener or become a listener and support others. Students can practice active listening skills, supporting others without giving advice, setting boundaries, and much more. With special programs for teens, kids have unique opportunities to help their peers.

For parents:

  • Catch a Fire matches skilled professionals with nonprofit organizations that are in need of specific expertise. Want to contribute your video editing, accounting, or copywriting skills to a worthy cause? Look no further. 
  • Volunteer Match makes it easy to browse open requests from nonprofits in a variety of areas, which is perfect if you’re not sure how you want to help. Instead, ask yourself who or what you might like to support. Here, opportunities are offered based on the recipient of your volunteer work. Categories include: seniors, women and children, animals, health and medicine, community building, arts and culture, and more.

For anyone:

  • Amnesty Decoders is an organization using technology to monitor and report human rights violations around the world. Anyone with a phone or computer can help decode oil spills, report online bullying, and more. Check out the impact of their completed projects and register for updates on new and upcoming projects.
  • Learning Ally is perfect for lovers of literacy. This organization aims to ensure equitable access to education for all students, including those with visual impairments or learning disabilities, by creating a strong foundation of literacy. Their volunteer opportunities include narrating audiobooks and helping with the post production process.
  • Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers to help them with everyday tasks like reading expiration dates and instructions, understanding surroundings, and more. Use your eyes for good by helping others engage with their world a little more easily. In the interest of expanding accessibility, Be My Eyes is also requesting volunteers to translate information into native languages.

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