For The Love of ACT Math

Innovative strategies for mastering the ACT Math section.

For The Love Of ACT Math

For the Love ACT Math was written by a team of Private Prep’s top math tutors and was designed as an invaluable resource for students looking to prepare themselves for the ACT Math section. Whether or not you are a math lover, you will find a route to success utilizing the approaches inside. Tackling algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and trigonometry, we review the fundamental principles of high school math while introducing innovative strategies that any student can use. This combination of authenticity, creativity, and playfulness provides a truly succinct and refreshing system for learning ACT math.

“In our years of tutoring, we noticed that students hoping to excel on the math section of the ACT didn’t need content organized by classroom topics; they needed exercises and drills that trained the skills required by the ACT, laid out in a format that looked like the ACT. We mined our collective experience to boil down each concept to its most important parts, organizing them into a clear and concise method. This isn’t some math book that gets distracted by theory or off-topic drills, it is a book focused on ACT performance, delivering our guidance with the same warm camaraderie we bring to our daily sessions.”

– Michael Cerro, Dan Chait, Owen Hill, Max McMahon, and Chris Reddick

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