For The Love of ACT Reading

An innovative approach to mastering the reading section of the ACT.

For The Love Of ACT Reading

For the Love of ACT Reading represents a cross-country collaboration between four Private Prep test prep tutors in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. The strategies in this book are the result of over twenty years of combined experience tutoring ACT Reading. Their methods have been proven to work and have been used to help thousands of students significantly increase their ACT Reading scores, resulting in acceptance to many top-choice schools, including Ivy League universities. No matter where you’re starting, the goal is to help you improve your score with specific, concise, realistic strategies.

“We’ve tutored countless students using these strategies. And time and time again, the results spoke for themselves. Students saw improved scores and acceptance into great schools, so we decided to write the how-to’s in this book. We know that the ACT Reading section can feel impossible to prepare for. After all, how do you study reading? Well, in this book, we’ll show you the strategies that work.”

Kyla Haggerty, Tehya Baxter, Emily Lubejko, and Daniel Hamilton

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