Private Prep Community Engagement

Community Engagement Core Values

1. We are committed to creating a more just and equitable society.
2. We believe that education is power.
3. We are dedicated to creating space and opportunities for students to self-reflect and self-actualize.

The Private Prep Community Engagement Initiatives were created to bring Private Prep’s resources--in particular its highly trained educators--to communities in need and that can benefit from Private Prep’s education-centered mission. Through our ongoing initiatives, we seek to support and empower communities and individuals who traditionally have been excluded from access to quality K-12 education and who have been underrepresented in higher education. The goal of Private Prep’s Community Engagement Initiatives is to combat the systemic inequities, particularly race-based inequities, of the American education system by providing these communities and individuals with the resources, training, and/or tutoring that they need not only to operate but to thrive. Specifically, we seek to support those we work with in developing and employing skills that will allow them to create greater opportunities for their futures.

  • elementary pods

    Learn To Thrive Scholarship

    The Private Prep Scholarship Program places high-achieving students from low-income or underserved backgrounds with individual tutors. Our expert admissions coaches work with them to navigate the test prep and college application process and ultimately gain admission to best-fit colleges.

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  • High School Study Pods (9-12th grade)

    For The Love Of Books Resources Program

    We’re supporting ACT prep work through partnerships with Title 1 schools to provide affordable study materials from our For the Love of study guide series.

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  • Executive Functioning (EF) FAQ

    Teacher Training

    Our goal is to expand the number of students who receive high-quality support for the ACT and SAT. To do that, our qualified tutor development team will train your teachers as SAT and/or ACT specialists. Following training, Private Prep’s curriculum team offers ongoing support as teachers develop a class that is individualized for your school and students.

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  • Math

    Calculator Donation Program

    Calculators are essential for students to succeed in the competitive test prep environment. However, these are not accessible to all students. Private Prep created a donation program in order to get more calculators in the hands of students who need them.

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