ACT & SAT Foundations

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Want to get a jumpstart on the ACT or SAT?

Foundations is a personalized pre-test prep program for sophomores designed to prepare students for the ACT or SAT by focusing on the foundational skills they will see on the test.

When should I get started?

Typically beginning in the winter or spring of sophomore year, students will meet with a test prep tutor to work on foundational skills in grammar, math, and/or reading comprehension. Tutors will customize these lessons targeting the student’s specific areas of focus in order to strengthen skills before beginning traditional test prep.

Private Prep’s Approach

A crucial first step in alleviating the pressure of the standardized test prep process is to make sure the test is the right fit.

We’ve devoted thousands of hours to analyzing recent trends in the ACT & SAT and have developed a comprehensive curriculum to help students master this particular test. In addition, we’ve pioneered a thorough diagnostic process to help students determine if the ACT or SAT is indeed the right fit for them

We also use modern techniques as an aspect of our test prep curriculum, including mindfulness, motivation, and stress management to stay calm under pressure. Our test prep experts provide a clear, customized process to help students focus on their work in manageable loads—with confidence.

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