Last Call for Paper and Pencil: Get Started With the Paper SAT

Want to take the SAT in its traditional paper format? Get started now — before the SAT goes permanently digital!

paper SAT

The coming school year will be a time of change for the SAT in the United States. In December 2023, the last paper SAT will be offered. Beginning in March 2024, all students will take the SAT as a digital test.

If your child is in the Class of 2026 or younger or if your rising junior is excited about the prospect of taking a digital exam, we’ve got you covered with our Digital SAT hub. Head on over, and don’t worry about the paper SAT.

But, if your rising junior crushed their paper PSAT and wants to take the exam in the same format, now is the time to get started — read on!

If your rising junior is planning to take the paper SAT, they should get started now.

Most students perform best with at least 4–6 months of preparation and 2–3 tests. A student who starts preparing now can plan to take the SAT in October, November, and December. Here are a few important steps to take to get your child ready for their fall/winter SAT:

  • Schedule a complimentary consultation to talk through your student’s testing plan and timeline
  • Take a diagnostic SAT to get a baseline of where your child is beginning
  • Get registered for the SAT—registration is now open, and spots can fill quickly

We are here to support your student, no matter their chosen testing format. Contact us to schedule a free consultation on your child’s test prep journey.

Caroline Hertz